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My MMU addiction

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What is MMU?

MMU is abbreviation for Mineral Make-up.

How I got hook into it?

I got curious with the multiply sellers of MMU. I thought it was just a plain make-up that they're selling so I researched and read thru the pages of GT (Girltalk) in, tried it and voila it's amazing!

MMUs are really different from TRAMU (traditional make-up). How?!

> it's like a second skin that you feel you have no make-up.
> with it's ingredients, it will not expire!!! absolutely, you can use it in your entire lifetime!
> it can cover your flaws and highlight yor assets!
> but one of the cons is, with so many foundation shades, it's hard to find the right shade for you, which they call as HOLY GRAIL. But it's good that MMUs are sold in samples so you could try and try until you find the right shade for you. You could also ask resellers to find the shade that matches your skin tone.
> it is also not sold in OTC or malls, must be online buying.
>But for me it's all worth it! And I'm hooked!

Here are some pics, me first time wearing MMU.

2nd from left


2nd from right

Lovely isn't it?
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