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VENUS and MARS Lurveee

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I know lotta of you guys are familiar with VnM products especially their emu oil. Well, here are my faves among their line.. :) (pics got from their site)
Emu Oil - As an anemic, I'm prone to bruises. Since I used this one, my bruises healed faster than before. I also used them for insect bites. :)

Emu Bare It All Cream - I love the minty feeling when it touches my skin. Love to use 'em after exfoliating.. :)

Lip Butter Balm - my HG lip balm.. yum yum!

Spa Milk Salt Scrub - you could really feel the difference after using them! Love it!



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I know lotsa blogger and girltalkers out there can testify to the effectiveness of Cyleina products. These are organic soaps that can deliver everything you want to achieve on your skin. They have different variants that can satisfy what your'e opting to achieve. :)

As for me, here are my favorite variants of Cyleina Soaps:

1. Black Pearl - the best seller among the line. Though the size is small it really delivers what it claim- whitening. I have stopped my supplements after using this for month! Big savings! I'm pairing black pearl to dove soaps. And I use them at night before going to sleep since BP is mentholated.

2. PGM - my second fave whitening soap plus it has moisturizers

3. TOMATO - really gives a glowing look in your skin

-these are all safe to use daily. I usually combo them and useverymorning. My alternate combos:

1. Rice Bran paired with Tomato
2. Strawberry paired with GSE or Shea Butter
3. Honey Oatmeal paired with PGM

- both really gives smooth feeling and subtle smell
1. Grape Seed Extract
2. Shea Butter

For the face, I use Beauche Beauty Bar and Clean and Clear Daily Pore Cleanser if I want to exfoliate.. :)


Super Tipid Mode - Rules on how to SAVE!

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See my wedding countdown right there? Oh my, seems it's telling me that there's so much I have to save for. My fiance and I decided not to get financial help from our parents as much as possible so we are really saving for our big day. How about my vanity? I know girls, you would understand what I'm trying to say. You know that impulse when you have read something in GT or in a beauty blog that you think you would like to try? Waaaaaaah! That's the hardest part I think. I don't want it to be screwed! hahaha! But I've gotta save. So here's my 5 simple rules. (you might also wanna try)

1. Buy only what's important and not what my impulse is telling me (help me Lord).

2. Since I have my unused stash of make-ups, not tons though, (just started with this addiction) I'd better used them and emptied them!

3. Must avoid reading posts in GT and blogs (since it's one of the temptation.. hehehe) but not totally abandoning them.

4. Just hoard from a brand and never hoard again for until nth month or until you emptied them. Well, I've emptied my BE now but I would still have to abide with rule # 2. :C

5. Got to have a strong will power. Ü

Beauche Facial Set

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Saturday! had my LHR 2nd session..Ü

I don't usually blog on weekdays 'coz of my busy sched at work and as an Accountant, month end is super toxic.

Today I just want to blog about my ever HG facial care- Beauche International Facial Set.

Beauche was introduced first to my sister by her officemate in Air Phils. She received it as a gift. At first, she was hesitant in using it kasi nga not known yung product tsaka medyo bago pa lang siya sa Air Phil. Until nakita niya yung pagbabago ng skin nun kasamahan nia sa work, she decided to use it also. 2 weeks palang noticeable na yung changes. Pumuti yung face niya and glowy yung skin. Pati sa mga pictures hindi na dull yung mga kuha. Nagbenta siya, she was the first one to make this as a biz, I'm one of her clients. It was October 2007 when I started using it. Ginamit ko 'to while I was on leave sa office. 2 months din kasi akong nawala kasi I took a review class. Pagbalik ko ng office, voila! Lahat pinansin na mas maganda daw yung face ko. Clearer, glowy at rosy cheeks! Ü

My sister continued the biz until she left for Abu Dhabi. Greater opportunities for her. Kaya ako nagtuloy. I started sa office, sa friends then sa multiply. I'm proud to say that I am one of the pioneers dito sa multiply. Yung iba kasi sa ebay and sulit nagbebenta. Yep, I admit mahal benta ko dati kasi I was startin' palang pero ngayon at retail ko na siya binebenta 'coz medyo madami na akong customers. Maganda kasi talaga ang effect ng Beauche kaya kahit costly, patronized pa din. Ü

Amazing product deserves a good review. Five stars for BEAUCHE. Achieve a clear, supple and rosy skin in 7 days. Ü

Here's my before and after pic.. Ü


after (three months of continued usage)

After almost three years I'm still using it pero not on a daily basis.. Every other day nalang.. Tapos I rid na yung age eraser and used BB creams instead. Minsan, I used a set of Beauche 'pag naubos change of products na, but since then I never get rid of it in my beauty routine. Ü
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