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NOTD Nail Extension

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My sister bought some fake nails from Switzerland so I decided to use it. Tadah!

Amazing isn't it!? Looks very lovely in my hands.. I lurveeee.. Sorry no before photos.. Next time promise.. :)



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I had my period so I wasn't able to go to Luz or M for a facial. These dirts on my face really bothers me so as quick remedy here's what I've tried.

I have used Garnier Pure Self-heating mask before and consider this as my review.

For me, it really delivers its purpose - to remove that stubborn dirt on your face in just 3 minutes. I'm using it once a week. I just apply it on my face and you will feel the heat, leave it for 3 minutes and rinse it. The result, cleansed pores! You can also extract some whiteheads and blackheads (mildly) since the pores are now already open due to the inflicted heat or in my case since I have my period, I used Clean and Clear Deep Pore cleanser instead, scrub it, rinse it and that's it! Cleansed face after!

Though it's not that perfect like when you go to facials but as a weekly routine it's very effective in cleansing your face for those dirts that hard to removed and clogged your pores.

I gave both products 5 points. :)


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May 31, we're about to watch Terminator but arrived there early after our Anakis overnight at Imperial Palace and Lunch at Dads, West Ave.

Since the movie will be shown an hour after we arrived at Trinoma, each of us headed into our different locations at the mall that will fancy our needs and addictions.

Where I headed? of course vanity strikes.. hehehe!

Went to Landmark and found that it was sale and here's what I got.

In2It Brow Powder

Why I bought it? Found a rave of it in GT and since I'm in constant search of brow powders coz my brows are thin and not that visible, I decided to give it a try. The color black matches my brow that when I'm wearing it seems I'm not wearing 'em. The brown is also good though and I could wear also both colors with a good brush. I used mu Blusche angled liner brush when I'm applying brow powders.

Will I but it again? Yes! yes! yes!

Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara

Still can't find my HG Mascara so I tried this one. I don't want the volumizing effect so I chose this over other Maybelline line. So far, so good but still it isn't my HG Mascara. It smudges a bit too but doesn't give you the raccoon eyes. I dunno but still I'm not satisfied. hehehe! Will post EOTD soon so you could see.

Will I buy this again? Maybe. Until I found my HG.

Oh btw, here's another haul

Dickinson's Witch hazel Toner - nothing I just want a toner. I don't have a choice of toner. Any toner will do for me. Bought it 'coz it's organic.


Aromaleigh Haul

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Ordered May 4. Package received by Makati PO may 26. Received notice, June 1. Got the items June 2. Though it took almost a month of waiting it was worth it! =)

I ordered 1 Color Infusion Botanical Lipstick in Karma and samples of all Color Infusion Botanical Lipstick.

I fell in love with Karma when AL gave me a sample last time I ordered URFPs with them. It easily glides my lips and the color is puuurffffect! The site tells that it is a lush frosted berry, pink and mauve tones and subtle shimmer. (cool). I could wear them daily and it looks natural on my lips. =)

Here are the pics of my haul

closed package

it's so for me, purple *winks*

sample lippies


yey! they throw some samples

Currently, I'm loving Rosebud and Karma. =)



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Waaaah! First timer in receiving this award thanks to Elsa of Everyday is a blessing.

Before passing this award on, here are the RULES:

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I would like to give this award to some bloggers I'm following.. :)


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