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Recent Buys: Garnier and Nivea

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Will post reviews soon. I'll road test them first.. :)



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Arrived there at around 7pm with Glenn and left 8pm with 2 havs (one for Eya) made while Glenn has one too.
Good thing I was with Glenn that we never fall in line. He's not just a VIP mind you but a Super VIP.. :) Imagine if I will go there alone without him. My time would be such a waste! Maybe, I'll be spending 5hrs falling in line outside and another 5hrs of falling in line waiting for my customize havs to be made. Thank you Glenn you're such a peach! Mmuawaaaah!

I was also able to get the limited edition pins for VIPs.. :)

So, here are the pics.

with bag and bag tag

mine with ltd edition and 6 crystals each

eya's with ltd edition and 2 crystals each

How about you, are you there too? Or planning to go there? :)


MYOH 2009

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Got this e-mail.. =)

Hi Nesz!

Summer is about to end with the biggest and most-anticipated splash of the season! Slip past the plain and ordinary, and step into perfect, personalized style with Make Your Own Havaianas 2009!

Visit the Rockwell Tent (Makati City) from May 28 to June 1 during mall hours, and you can create your own work of contemporary art by customizing a pair of stylish Havaianas.

With nearly all the hues of the covetable Havaianas collection available as your palette, there are hundreds of possible combinations of soles and straps for Men and Women, in the popular Top and Slim styles.

Also available are different pins for embellishing your masterpiece, from sleek Swarovskis so you can unleash your inner chic to Lifestyle Pins so you can show off your inner soul. Lifestyle pins range from peaceful Yoga poses to funky, vintage tellies.

This year, Make Your Own Havaianas will also be offering an artistic treat by giving you the chance to parade your Filipino pride with Culture Pins featuring symbols of our unique and colorful heritage, such as wide-eyed Tarsiers, vibrant vintas and much more.

Styles, colors, sizes, and embellishments are available until supplies last, so be the first to flip-flop your way to Make Your Own Havaianas 2009!

Cheers from your friends at Havaianas

P.S. Catch a glimpse of the design possibilities at or get into the groove by watching this video

I'm so excited weeeee! Will go there later 6pm.. My friend, Glenn, will bring me along so we will not fall in line na. Will update you guys! =)


BB Cream Reviews

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I got the chance to try 3 samples of BB Creams. Liole Beyond Solutions, Skinfood Aloe and Missha Perfect Cover. These free samples were given by Clau. For those who want to try out first and would not like to buy full size of BB creams Clau is selling samples in ebay, you can check her username: dreamfairy07

Here are my review: (sorry no pics)

I used all the BB creams morning before I go to work. No MMUs applied just plain BB cream so I could really tell what effect it would make me during the day.

Liole Beyond the Solutions

When I applied it nothing different happened. It was like I applied a normal moisturizer. As for oil control, it's not effective for me. 2 hrs after oily na agad. So as a remedy, used my finpow- AL's URFP, good thing URFPs are good to control the oilies.

Would I buy this one? Definitely no.

Skinfood Aloe

This is the first one I road tested. The finish is matte but for me coverage is not that good though it has. I have dark circles that really needs to be covered kasi. For oilies, it is somehow ok and it should be ok 'coz the product is suitable for those with oily skin. I think I used a blotting paper around lunch time na. For me this product is good for daily stuffs, when you just walk outside to get some fresh air, or go to a friend's house or buy something at a nearby store.

Would I buy this one? Maybe, for daily purposes it's good but it's costly to be a daily stuff.

Missha Perfect Cover

The name speaks for itself Perfect Cover. The coverage for me is good. Dark circles covered, and got a flawless finish. It is the first sample that I used up. It does control my oilies, used blotting paper around 2pm in the afternoon. I can say that this is my HG BB cream so far. With high SPF, my sunblock was just saved from daily usage.

Would I buy this one? Definitely yes.

Still scouting some brands. I might try TFS Quick and Clean or The Skin. What would you recommend? Or do you have other brands that in mind?


Dreamworld Loot

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Hoarded with Kat of GT, I've ordered this DW samples. The sample I did get were their famous whipped strawberries and 4 creme toppings (in 2 sample baggies each). Can't wait to transfer and use them! :))

package closed

a sweet note from Kat.. Thanks Kat!
DW samples
cafe au lait
peanut butter
whipped stawberries

Shocrazeee Haul

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They finally arrived! After the long wait, but it's worth it. Here are the pics.

You could buy these shoes at SHOECRAZEEE

Blemish Balm aka BB cream the new rage in skin care and make-up

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With the raves of BB cream I've decided to try it. Here's what I've found about it.

"In short, it's a combination of a ton of really good things that you want on your skin. They contain anti-aging and anti-acne stuff, and let your face look more natural by acting as a foundation, concealer, and moisturizer, all in one! For many people who are on the run and skimp out on their morning routines at times, they're great for drastically cutting the time you need to spend.

BB Creams also contain sun protection, preventing you from needing to apply sun protection. Their application leaves your skin looking natural, so nobody really knows that you've got all these great things happening with your skin.

They do have to problems, however. First, the fact that they include moisturizers can lead people with oily skin away from them. I have some problems with the oiliness in my t zone area, but it's nothing major. If you have excessively oily skin, I'd try some at the makeup counter before buying it, just to make sure that you don't feel greasy.

Second, and more importantly, I haven't found them in dark tones. Have light skin? You'll be happy. If you're darker like I am, however, you'll have a hard (heck, impossible so far) time finding something that matches your skin. When they do release dark toned bb creams, I'll be all over them, but until then I can't really use them without looking strange."

As a start, I receive this loot of BB creams in jars from Clau. Thanks Clau. Will give reviews soon. :)

Loreal UV Perfect vs Neutrogena Helioplex

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I'm one of the girls out there who prioritize skin care. Maybe it's because the largest organ in our body is our skin and it's really what we see in each of us everyday.

As part of my skin care routine, I really don't go out without a sunscreen (kahit gabi) :D

I've tried sunblocks from different derma and sunblock from drugstores. The latest that I've used was Age Eraser of Beauche. I have no problems with using Age Eraser as my sunscreen, well in fact it's like you put on a BB cream on your face. I can go outside without powder or make-up just a lip balm. They claim that it has SPF 35 but having no definite list of the ingredients in the package makes me wonder, am I really protected?

So I've researched about sunblocks and found this two: Loreal UV Perfect XL Block Advanced Spray Protector for Chest, Arms and Hands SPF 40 (good for the face too) and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50.

I rushed to Cash and Carry and looked for these items. They are cheaper there than those in malls. Luckily, I found Neutrogena, I will first try this before Loreal sana. On the way to my boyfriend's workplace, napadaan ako sa Landmark and sale yung Loreal. The SA is good too so I was able to buy Loreal din. BI yung SA eh.. hehehe! So I tried both sa face and body and here's my review.

NEUTROGENA pic grab from ebay

- SPF 50
- stabilized 'coz with helioplex
- no white cast
- good for the whole body

- leaves a little sheen, but powder can cover
- kinda Oily and sticky but not much
- strong smell

Overall 3/5
Will I buy again? No, i hate it when it's sticky and I don't like it's smell.

LOREAL pic grab from ebay

- protected with SPF 40
- stabilized
- no white cast
- good for the whole body
- easily absorbed
- no strong smell

- leaves a little sheen, but powder can cover
- kinda oily but not like Neutrogena

Overall 4/5
Will I buy again? Yes. The sheen doesn't bother me much. :)


Havaianas Slim Season 09

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Waaaaaah! They're here! When I heard of it natense na naman ako.. hahaha! I am a slim season collector. Buti nalang apat lang per year ang nilalabas nila. Buti nalang talaga! Nung 2007, (that time nagkakaubusan ng mga styles/stocks) tatlo nabili ko branco, cafe and violet. I missed the red one, yung tomato. Yung green hindi nilabas sa Pinas pero may mga nagbebenta pa rin sa multiply. Last 2008, branco and lilac (gift) yung nakuha ko. I missed, golden sun and cafe. This year, lahat sila maganda. Kayo na lang mag judge ng pic na hinanap ko sa google.. :)

Weeeeee! Naeexcite na talaga ako.. Adik na to..........

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