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BB Cream Reviews

I got the chance to try 3 samples of BB Creams. Liole Beyond Solutions, Skinfood Aloe and Missha Perfect Cover. These free samples were given by Clau. For those who want to try out first and would not like to buy full size of BB creams Clau is selling samples in ebay, you can check her username: dreamfairy07

Here are my review: (sorry no pics)

I used all the BB creams morning before I go to work. No MMUs applied just plain BB cream so I could really tell what effect it would make me during the day.

Liole Beyond the Solutions

When I applied it nothing different happened. It was like I applied a normal moisturizer. As for oil control, it's not effective for me. 2 hrs after oily na agad. So as a remedy, used my finpow- AL's URFP, good thing URFPs are good to control the oilies.

Would I buy this one? Definitely no.

Skinfood Aloe

This is the first one I road tested. The finish is matte but for me coverage is not that good though it has. I have dark circles that really needs to be covered kasi. For oilies, it is somehow ok and it should be ok 'coz the product is suitable for those with oily skin. I think I used a blotting paper around lunch time na. For me this product is good for daily stuffs, when you just walk outside to get some fresh air, or go to a friend's house or buy something at a nearby store.

Would I buy this one? Maybe, for daily purposes it's good but it's costly to be a daily stuff.

Missha Perfect Cover

The name speaks for itself Perfect Cover. The coverage for me is good. Dark circles covered, and got a flawless finish. It is the first sample that I used up. It does control my oilies, used blotting paper around 2pm in the afternoon. I can say that this is my HG BB cream so far. With high SPF, my sunblock was just saved from daily usage.

Would I buy this one? Definitely yes.

Still scouting some brands. I might try TFS Quick and Clean or The Skin. What would you recommend? Or do you have other brands that in mind?

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Crystal Gale on June 15, 2009 at 5:09 AM said...

I'm on the lookout too! Have you tried Skin79? I love the coverage and properties of their triple function one..but it gave me bumps..but my sis didn't got any from it so hiyangan might want to try BRTC is just a little pricey compared to other brands :)

Nesz Reyes on June 15, 2009 at 5:52 PM said...

Hi Gale.. haven't tried skin79 and brtc.. but i've ordered the 1g samples (skin79) na kay Laraine.. wanna try hanskin din and etude.. :D

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