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Blemish Balm aka BB cream the new rage in skin care and make-up

With the raves of BB cream I've decided to try it. Here's what I've found about it.

"In short, it's a combination of a ton of really good things that you want on your skin. They contain anti-aging and anti-acne stuff, and let your face look more natural by acting as a foundation, concealer, and moisturizer, all in one! For many people who are on the run and skimp out on their morning routines at times, they're great for drastically cutting the time you need to spend.

BB Creams also contain sun protection, preventing you from needing to apply sun protection. Their application leaves your skin looking natural, so nobody really knows that you've got all these great things happening with your skin.

They do have to problems, however. First, the fact that they include moisturizers can lead people with oily skin away from them. I have some problems with the oiliness in my t zone area, but it's nothing major. If you have excessively oily skin, I'd try some at the makeup counter before buying it, just to make sure that you don't feel greasy.

Second, and more importantly, I haven't found them in dark tones. Have light skin? You'll be happy. If you're darker like I am, however, you'll have a hard (heck, impossible so far) time finding something that matches your skin. When they do release dark toned bb creams, I'll be all over them, but until then I can't really use them without looking strange."

As a start, I receive this loot of BB creams in jars from Clau. Thanks Clau. Will give reviews soon. :)

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